This morning I woke up to the smell of ash and a red, bleak sun— northern california is on fire.... again. This is making me reflect how individuals personally experience the climate crisis. I was reading an article on the increasing numbness in climate news. Whatever news were catching attention last year— the Amazon burning, heatwaves in Europe, icebergs melting, and wildfires worldwide— are getting significantly worse but there is barely any coverage.

Side Note: I hate that the mainstream news outlets are entertainment channels, so when is the climate crisis considered entertaining? When massive protests arise? When a 15 year old is taking more initiative than most world leaders?

But anyways, how do we keep climate news on top of everyone's minds? How can we as a society accept the reality and be inspired to change. I think a good majority of Americans are aware of climate change, but have the belief that it is not their personal responsibility to do anything. Are they bad people? No, but they trust the government and greenwashing too much. However, on the other side of this spectrum is the people that believe that they have to solve this problem on their own. That is also not the case.

I wish it was easier for people to take action. Now, you have to join an organization and stay updated about what events are happening, but there should be a way that you can easily find out what all organizations are doing in respect to trigger events like this....