What I believe is currently wrong that needs to change:

  • The dooming negativity:
  • the common term "fighting" climate change
  • the tone that we're trying to avoid a scary and uninhabitable future (even though it's true, I don't think panic and doom is the right tone to inspire people)
  • us vs. them mentality, "they" are polluting
  • complex scientific jargon that makes people feel distant and unaffected

What I believe the conversation should sound like:

  • acknowledge that environmental degradation isn't new, it started even before the industrial revolution.
  • change our human-centric perspective, we are another species on this planet trying to survive and thrive. The existence of other species and habitats shouldn't be debated because of its benefit to human kind, but because others have a right to exist
  • the world is more connected than we understand and we must acknowledge this to prevent unintended consequences.
  • environmental problems have been catalyzed by racism and it is impossible to address one problem without the other.
  • acknowledging that this is a multi-scale situation and must be addressed as such