As a recent college graduate, my job search is incredibly frustrating and anxiety inducing. This is very common among typical college graduates, but I feel even more frustrated since my career goals include a time limited problem (avoiding complete environmental collapse) and there are less jobs available during this pandemic.

So my head cyclically revolves around the ideas that I must find a meaningful job ASAP, but also anything is better than doing the nothingness that I'm doing right now. I've let got of the idea of finding a perfect job, but I hate the idea of working somewhere that is not in the direction of my core values.

Additionally, I also feel very burned out. I often feel unmotivated, lonely, and cynical. I need to constantly feel that there are people on the same boat as me, feeling the same way as me, but with quarantine, this has been difficult to get.

For the past few months, I've felt stuck. Living the same day over and over again. Lacking control. I know I'm not the only one that feels this way. I need to take baby steps and regain control of my life.

I need to set concrete goals and timelines for myself, reach out to others more often, be more gentle and accepting with myself, and realize that a step in any direction IS a step forward.