Planet of the Humans is a documentary that came out on Earth Day which harshly criticizes the environmental movement and renewable energy, inferring renewables are just as bad as fossil fuels and environmental leaders are no different from greedy corporate leaders. The point of the documentary is not to host a healthy discussion and space for skepticism, it is to completely discredit the environmental movement. Funneling ideas like the destruction of the natural environment has been entirely our fault and there is not much to do other than enforce population control and consume less.

what????????? all said by some privileged white dudes?????

Sure overpopulation is a problem, but who are you to regulate people's families? Have you not seen the horrors of attempting to control population? We should invest in women's health and education before we even think of any population regulations.

Sure overconsumption is bad, but are you really not going to demand better policy and industry while you're consuming less? And how specifically does the government enforce that?

At first I liked the criticism of solar and wind, saying how they rely on other mined materials and fossil fuel products to function. I thought well, having this discussion is good since we have to improve this new technology so much. But then I started realizing the great amount of misinformation and outdated facts sprinkled through the documentary.

But then the documentary gets darker and darker...there is no hope... we have screwed up. What type of mentality is this? Should we all just kill ourselves? Is that the point?

I wish we could have debates without judgement, misinformation, and hopelessness.

One more thing I want to say is that the us vs. them mentality is truly what will kill us all. If we don't come together and realize we do have common goals, we will never get anywhere. Earth is one and humans, animals, and plants are just part of a balanced ecosystem.