Everything going on makes me realize how much I hate the way society values things and activities.

Why does society reward the ones doing the most harm to our environment?

Why don't we pay for people who take care of us and our shared home?

Why are left-minded people considered to be more high-achieving than right minded people?

In my current job, we're trying to get young climate activists and crisis responders well paid jobs doing a variety of projects. However, I'm thinking society needs a shift that is larger than this. We need to appropriately pay people based on the healing they can provide for the planet.

What if we push the social cost of carbon a bit further. What if it was incorporated in individual's taxes? If you work in a climate-positive job you get a bonus with your pay check yay, even if you are just volunteering you can get paid! If you work in a climate destructive job and earn more than x amount of dollars per year, you get some sort of fine. This would motivate people to switch jobs on more than a moral standpoint. In order to ensure a just transition into a green economy it is important that everybody is truly motivated to change regardless of their climate knowledge. (even though education is the best it's not the fastest answer).

This can be expanded to all jobs of folks who take care of us: moms, teachers, healthcare workers. What if you got a bonus for growing your own food in your backyard?

The point of taxes is to reduce an undesired behavior and fund the alternative. California currently has a cap-and-trade system that creates a market of permits for industries. Those that pollute over the limit must reduce their emissions or buy permits from industries that pollute below the limit. This is extremely more efficient than giving everyone the same quantitative limit of pollution since industries naturally pollute different amounts. This method is also significantly more politically feasible than taxes and has an equivalent outcome. So... should we have permits of carbon with our individual earnings and spending? What is the most ethical way to properly charge pollution and emissions without leaving anyone behind?

Are we destroying our planet because we are ignorant, careless, or we lack alternatives?

The world is changing and it is important to truly imagine all the possibilities that the world holds for us. We must not go back to "normal" after this pandemic. We must learn what works and what doesn't for our society. We need to choose what is best for ourselves, our children, and the place we call home.

From a standpoint of natural disasters, famine, and disease, things aren't looking too promising in the future. IM SICK OF NOT TAKING ACTION BEFORE THE SHIT SHOW. We are smart human beings and need to learn that we can work on problems before the point of no return and tragic loss.

I think the idea of valuing workers appropriately is an essential part of the transition out of this pandemic. If we don't do anything the most vulnerable will continue to be vulnerable and die at higher rates. This is simply unacceptable. The pandemic shows us how well we can come together if we have to and we have to take advantage of that.

We need to think big and we need to think fast. We are capable of changing our economy and society and live on a new, unrecognizable world, not everything has to go to shit if we get our shit together.