lol my last post didn't age well.... This is not what I meant. But at the same time it emphasizes the fact that we're living in continual change and what we learn from this is crucial for social and environmental movements. This can be the moment where we can use technology and community to make a better path forward.  

I am seeing folks either stocking up on toilet paper and other necessities, focusing on helping their community and making sure everybody has the minimum resources, or somewhere in between. This made me wonder about collectivist and individualistic cultures. The U.S is technically an individualistic culture, but with ethnic minorities soon becoming the majority, I wonder if we will become more collective... or even better if we could pick the best values from both cultures and grow into a caring, efficient, and sustainable society.

What if everyone focused on the well being of the the community over the self? What if everybody felt the pain and happiness of others? What if being dependent on one another wasn't looked down upon? What if we still strived for individual success in the light of being better for the community?

I hope that we recover from these dark times and we come out stronger than ever— focusing on one another's well being including the common environment we share.

Love is the strongest force on this planet... take care.