So... I got kind of upset when someone told me the other day that they were tired of the trend that's going on with plants, veganism, and the "environment".

I got so upset that I just told them to go to Mars, but now that I'm able to use my brain system #2 I'll actually respond.

The climate crisis is fucking terrifying. It's happening right now, but it's told as separate unrelated events which reduce the seriousness of the long term problem.

First, taking care of the environment literally means taking care of yourself. Your surroundings. The food you eat, the air you breathe, and the water you drink. Why wouldn't someone be freak out at something that's literally threatening their existence? But, it's not only our existence, its the existence of all living things in the planet. And if I'm talking to a human-centered person, you still have to acknowledge how humans literally depend on other species around them to survive. We live in an ecosystem of humans completely intertwined with the "natural" environment.

Also, let's stop using natural, everything is natural. The word has gained a whole system of green washing because it comes from the same planet as you.

Ok veganism... has its problems. Misused as a classist and racist practice, but with rich and beautiful history of humans being vegan before the word was coined. We are experiencing people who know nothing about climate change and ecology voice their business incentives and fuck it up for everyone.

The other problem right now is that its is discussed as a separate issue while it's only a consequence of much larger systemic issues. We don't need everybody going into college and study environmental sciences and policy we need everyone to go in other courses while having environmental justice in mind. We need to change literally every aspect of society, so it's not just something that 1 person should figure how to change, but it's necessary for everyone to understands how they fit into transforming our world. We need all the career fields we have today and more, but everyones has their passion and it's interesting to see how they can change their industry upside down.

So why do we give a shit? Because it's our world and our livelihoods and if I were you I'd fight just as hard for my home.