The first thing I want redirect my energy is towards the type of optimism that is tangible. Everyone has to realize that Greta Thunberg can't just single handedly "solve" climate change. What does that even mean?! Climate change is here, the question is whether we can change our culture and economy in order to properly mitigate future emissions and adapt for the disaster that is coming. A depressing fact that I learned yesterday is that even if reduce GHG emissions to 0 TODAY, the temperature doesn't really go back down. In other words, whenever we stop emitting GHGs, the temperature effects are fairly permanent. The California's Climate Assessment models several scenarios which show the effects of different amounts of emissions on the climate- more specifically the changes in temperature, wildfire frequency, potable water shortages, and sea level rise. Even though we've already increased the concentration of CO2 by 45% since the Industrial Revolution, we still have the chance of changing the trajectory of these models!! I'm tired of being hopeless and not doing anything... I'm currently working on a climate change educational curriculum and brainstorming  easy, tangible action that anybody can take. First step is calculating your carbon footprint in order to understand the effects of individuals, even though these calculators aren't the most accurate tools.

On a positive note, Sunrise is doing everything in its power to get a Green New Deal. This bill is simply a framework or guideline for a clean and fair economy. The next week of strikes is Nov. 29th through Dec. 6th everywhere, be sure to show your support during these changing times!